Monday, July 28, 2008

Sundance in the Summer

We decided to try and escape some of the heat and grabbed the Pro Look Sundance passes and headed up the canyon. I was bummed it wasn't as cool as I'd been envisioning, but it was cooler than the 100+ (according to our car thermostat)...

So, we jumped on the Ski Lift and took it as far as we could. The back lift wasn't open, so we just went to the 2nd stop. We had about an hour to hike around, so we looked to the right and realized there was a little "peak" we could climb...we started up one trail that was way too steep (i was slipping) and chose the other (what would Robert Frost say???)

I gotta say, i'm FAT...i was dying on the climb...what was cute was each of the kids had their own unique style of climbing...Tristan was very cautious and worried about bee's (she got stung a few months ago and she thinks bee's are looking for her everywhere)...Paris was in the middle and pointed out steps for us and telling me, "dad - you are doing great...just a little further", i gotta get in shape...Esher was the cutest - he was in front and talked the WHOLE TIME...he kept saying, "it is this way to the we go...we are almost there...oh wait, here is another path...ok, lets go this way..." He didn't stop talking the whole time...SO CUTE...

We'd planned on eating sandwiches lissette made once we reached the top, but we didn't have much time (the lift stops at 7:00) so we grabbed some pics and headed down...when we met the path choices (easy or hard) i wanted to take the easy because i was slipping down the hard part on the way up...but, i was out ruled (who said a family was a Democracy? :-) So, we started down the steep part and the kids slid on their behinds most the way...Lissette and I laughed at them in between our falls...

Sundance 004

On the way up...3 cuties and moi

Sundance 008

Top of the lift before the hike...

Sundance 020

Little Esher showing us the way...our fearless leader!

Sundance 014

Here he is (mid-sentence) talking about the path and how far we have left to cute!

Sundance 026

We've reached the top (esher, paris and tristan)

Sundance 032

The kids sliding down on their backsides...

Sundance 040

Sandwiches on the way back down (tristan, paris, esher and my love)

Friday, July 25, 2008

9 Stitches - 2 Weeks later

I'm pretty amazed at how my eye has healed.  Here is a picture of exactly 2 weeks later.  I've been putting Vitamin E on it every morning and night and it seems to be helping a lot.  Plus, the doctor the sewed me up did a great job (but the girl that unstitched it did a HORRIBLE job - it was bleeding when she was done taking out the stitches)...check it out!


Is it just me or do can you count 3 chins too?  Oh, yeah - the scar is pretty small, no?

scar close up

Even close up you can tell it is getting better faster than I would have guessed.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Daddy Daughter Work Day

This morning as I was leaving for work I heard crying downstairs. I could tell it was Paris, but had no idea where it was coming from. So, I ran downstairs to find her and heard it coming from the garage. I went to open the garage door, thought it was strange that it was locked, and once it was open she shot into my arms balling. I asked her how she got there and she said, "I came downstairs to surprise you. I set my iPod alarm to get up and I came down here to make a sandwich and get in your car to go to work with you. I played around for a while waiting, but then you didn't come and I locked the door to make it more realistic when you came out and I couldn't get back into the house and I didn't know if you were coming."

My heart broke! Of course I HAD to take her to work with me after all of that (she had packed a lunch, books to read and paper/pencils to draw with in a backpack). So, she is here with me this morning and her first question when we got here was if I minded that she eat her sandwich before lunch since she was starved. I told her I would take her out to lunch, so go ahead and eat it.

Then she asked if she could take out the Garbage :-) A few months ago Paris got in trouble at a play (Saturday's Warriors). We were in the front row and she took a Junior Mint and threw it on the stage where the actors were. Luckily the performers were back towards the middle of the sage and didn't really use the front 1/3 of it, so they didn't step on the mint, but we were pretty upset and disappointed with her. So, we decided her punishment would be 1 week of not staying at her best friend/cousins house (Aubree of course) and 5 days of picking up all of the trash at Daddy's office. We told her this during the intermission. She was upset, of course, and (I feel) ashamed of what she did (it was totally out of character for her). So, I told her that if she went on the stage and got the Junior Mint before the play started again I would reduce her "sentence" to 5 days of no sleep-overs and 3 days of trash. It took a little prodding (and Dad holding her hand) but she did get on the stage and get the mint.

So, the following week she came to the office and had Nikki show her what to do. Then she took out everyone's trash (bathrooms included) each day by herself. She smiled, sang and had a great time with it (which at first I was thinking wasn't proper humility for a punishment, but then thought I love that she is making even chores/punishment fun and that is the type of girl I am proud to know.) So, now when she comes to visit she wants to take out the trash and keeps asking if she can work here when she grows up - working up from trash to being a geek like me :-) I am too proud.

Paris the Trash Girl

My little trash girl


Daddy's Little Geek with her bag of goodies she packed to "stowaway"

Monday, July 21, 2008

New Layout / Color Sceme

not done yet...still tweaking...

Friday, July 18, 2008

one of the greatest things ever!

Ok, so this little girl decided she wanted a stuffed animal from the "Claw Machine", i HATE this machine and mostly because i'm so bad at it and I personally believe it is a huge scam and that claw wouldn't pick up a doll without it being super-glued to its flimsy metal tentacles!!! Like i say, i suck at it and have pumped more than a roll's worth of quarters into it in the name of "winning my girls a bear"...what a sucker!

So, I CHEERED what this little girl did to beat the machine! My favorite part is when the mom shows up and the girl doesn’t come out right away but keeps going higher for a stuffed animal! Classic...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

blog music - revisited

K - after the absolutely overwhelming response i've decided to go with my gut instinct and make it so the music doesn't auto, if you want to groove to some tunes whilst browsing my blog - feel free to scroll to the bottom and hit PLAY before reading...thanks Shelene for tipping the scales with your vote :-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

blog music

k - i didn't get a lot of people responding to my cut eye post (at least only one person commented - thanks Jane, i can always count on you :) so i wanted to first let people like my parents and others that don't have to have an account to post - you can post without an account if you want (but sign your name)...just click on the "comments" link at the bottom of a post to say something and choose the Name/URL choice to post…I don’t really write this thing for anyone but myself to journal my life, but it is nice to have comments once in a while…

Secondly, I wanted to ask peoples opinion…I have been pretty against having my Blog play music when it loads…I have never been a fan of My Space / Blogs playing music because I usually have music going on my computer already and it is gets all “muddy” through my speakers…but, I did throw up a song on my My Space page from one of my favorite bands (sigur ros) and had a friend thank me for turning him on to that band…I used to be a DJ and turning people on to new music is what i do, so I thought I’d find out what people thought…do you like having music on my page?

I quickly threw a few songs into a playlist and set it on random so you wouldn’t hear the same song every time – but is it distracting or do you like it? Since I love music so much, it wouldn’t be “me” without having something about music on this thing – but maybe have it not “auto-start” so you can click play if you want?

Let me know!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

9 Stitches Later

Ok, it has taken me a few days to post this but you should understand why after you are done reading it…If you want to skip all of the verboseness and go right to the pictures, feel free but BE WARNED: THEY ARE GRAPHIC (sorry Mom :-)...

If you read my post "ouch" from June 26th then you know i love playing softball, but am not the best player on the team. They moved me to 1st because my arm isn't the best but I didn't figure i wasn't very good at catching either until Wednesday night.

Wednesday is our 2nd game of our softball playoffs. We lost the first game (no surprise – we pretty much suck as a team and have only won 2 games all season) so we were in the losing bracket playing at 6:00. Paris was sick so Lissette had to stay home with her and Tristan and I went with Esher to the game. As I left I told lissette that if we won I’d see her at 9:00 and if we lost I’d be home at 7:00. She said, “see you at 7:00” – NO FAITH :-)…

I missed a couple of throws from Dusty that were so close and we figured out that I was covering the bag with my left instead of right foot (rookie mistake) and I was excited to go back out and use my right foot. So this older dude that can’t run very well hit one to shallow center where Brian (Haroldson from Pro Look) was playing. I consciously covered the bag with my right foot, setup waiting for the throw thinking that there was no way Brian would throw it since it was in the outfield. But, he took it on a hop and started running at me. It seemed like he was just about to the dirt and then he wound up and threw it (it seemed and from troy’s account) as hard as he could to get the guy out.

So, I’m standing there waiting for the thing to hit my glove and then it bounces on the dirt and I tried to adjust but it was coming so dang fast and it (according to those watching) took a very funky bounce straight up past my glove. Next thing I know my ears are ringing and I’m on the ground holding my eye (I think I fell pretty hard because my arm is all cut up from where I fell)…

So, I’m laying on the ground holding my eye. That whole part of my face went totally numb, so I couldn’t tell what was hurt or what was going on. My eyes were closed and I was afraid to open them and I kept thinking about my Sunglasses that I got for my birthday that I just spent $40 to fix a broken lens in and how they were busted (I opened my un-hit eye and saw the frames with the missing lens). I was then worried that pieces of glass broke and went into my eye. Troy ran over and told me to remove my hand so he could see if my eye was still in the socket (I guess sometimes the eye will pop out??? Man, that is gross) and I opened it a little bit, saw light and didn’t feel pain and closed it right away.

My eyes were pretty much closed the rest of the time I was on the ground (my hands were dirty and I didn’t want to get dirt in them), so I just heard voices but there was this one guy that was great. Troy said he shoved Troy aside and took over the situation. Troy thinks he was an EMT from the things he was doing (he put my head on my glove, held my arms above my head and started asking me questions and making sure I was conscious and not nauseous). He yelled up at the booth to bring ice quickly and I heard other people around me talking about it being gross and big cut under my eye.

I was just happy my eye was ok, but pissed about my glasses so the only think I said while laying there was, “I broke my frickin glasses.” They got me some Ice and a butterfly band-aid to hold the wound together and Dusty picked me up to carry me to Troy’s truck to go to the Emergency Room.

It was very surreal being carried off the field and I had so many thoughts. Mostly I was upset that we were going to lose the game because Troy and I were leaving and we didn’t have enough players to finish (we were also down by several runs)…plus, it was strange to hear the opposing team clapping as I stood up to walk off (I’ve always thought when watching sports and someone is hurt and gets up after a long time that it is cool both teams/fans clap for the guy – but being the guy getting the claps was very strange.) I was upset that I didn’t catch it and was going through the play in my head over and over to see what I did wrong (I think I even asked Dusty about the bounce while he was walking me to the car.) Mostly I was amazed that it didn’t really hurt at all. It was just numb. I knew once it stopped being numb it would hurt, but I didn’t feel any specific pain (like the cut, etc.).

Troy was surprised I was completely normal going to the ER (“dude, are you in shock? You aren’t acting like you just got slammed in the face” he kept saying.) But, I didn’t hurt and wasn’t disoriented and didn’t have a concussion. Troy kept talking about the sound it made when it hit me. He said the sound was the worst and so loud and he and Dusty raced over to get to me right away knowing it was bad from the sound of it.

So, we get to the hospital and Lissette shows up with the kids. It took a while to get into the suture room and I told them I’d feel better about an X-Ray to make sure there was no glass in my face and that I hadn’t broken any of my cheekbone. The X-Ray came back clean and it was time to stitch me up. The girl came in and gave me (according to Lissette) 30 shots to numb it. I have no problems with needles, so it didn’t bother me but Lissette was dying during that part. It did feel like they were shoving this 1” needle all the way through my cheek to pull it out slowly to put in the lydicane.

The doctor stitched me up with 9 stitches and we went on our way. And all Lissette could say the WHOLE TIME and every day since then is, “MAN, YOU USED TO BE SO HANDSOME. YOU ARE SO MESSED UP! YOUR FACE LOOKS TERRIBLE” She says it all with a smile, of course, but I know I hurt to look at.

So, without further ado – here are the pictures I’ve been promising to post for you guys...remember IT IS BLOODY:







Here is a shot of me when we first got to the hospital. There is a lot of blood, but it is the cut under my eye that is making all of the mess. It is a perfect cut from the bottom of my sunglasses (the glasses don't have a bottom frame - just a lense, so that is why it cut so perfectly). The doctor said that the glasses saved my eyeball because they protected it from being damaged or blinded.

Paris was very sad i got hurt, but it looks like Tristan has no problem with it. She kept wanting to see my eye and kept saying, "cool".

Still waiting...Paris still sad, Tristan still happy and Troy grossed out

Here is the nurse numbing the area with that needle...Lissette counted 30 shots around and inside the wound.

Here is a shot of the doctor sewing it up. He was very good and said that they usually put extra stitches in when it is on the face to make sure the scar is harder to see. He said it should fade and be hard to see in a year or two as long as i put a lot of suntan lotion on it when i'm out in the sun.

Here is the finished cut. You can't see all of them, but there are 9 stitches in all and my bottom eyelid is turning black (it was very black that night, but i didn't get a picture of it because the doctor said it would look worse the next day. It didn't look as black the next day so i was bummed i didn't take a picture)

Here is a picture of me the next morning when i woke up. You can see it bled while i slept and i still couldn't open my eye.

24 hours later. You can see the whole right side of my face doesn't look anything like the left side. Even my lip (behind my beard) was tweaked. I iced it all day to be able to open my eye.

Paris came up with the idea of making me a Cupcake Flower Bouquet to try to make me feel better because i got hurt. Here is a shot of her working on it and Tristan and Esher jumping in to help...they didn't help much, but never miss an opportunity for a photo and to eat batter, frosting and anything that drops within 5 feet of the chef.

Here is Paris working on it. She came up with the logistics of putting the cupcakes in two levels in the vase all on her own (Lissette and I were upstairs while she worked on it all by herself). I was VERY proud of her. She is so creative!

Here is am with my little artist!

The finished bouquet. Look how she tried to do different designs on each one and how the middle cupcakes are higher than the outside (she devised a inner-cup system to raise up the middle). And they tasted AMAZING...I almost forgot how much pain i was in!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

more pics at game

We didn't get to see the game tonight, but the Rockies cleaned up the Padres (8 - 1), we took the series and i'm officially happier...

Here are more pics from the games. We are going tomorrow for our last game of this trip and have a dilema :-) We have seats down next to the dugout (plus 6 extra seats with 2 front row) and we also have a Suite offered to us. Price said Tom Shane wants to hang out with us at the game, so he will let Tom decide which seats he'd like to watch in...we also are invited by the Rockies to join the team on the field to watch the Fireworks :-)

Here is a shot from our seat (well, Lissette's seat) down the dugout

Here is a shot of Glenn Hoffman (Trevor's Brother) for Lissette's Sister Lissette (she LOVES Trevor, but this is a close as we could get to him)

Here is a shot from our seat of Kahlil Greene on deck. He's my favorite Padre (if i must have a favorite that is :)

Lissette, Me, Price and Mae in our seats (Mae thought the people taking the picture just wanted a picture of us -- she didn't see lissette give them our camera -- that is why she looks so confused and after she said she was thinking, "why do they want our picture?"

Here is a shot from our new seats. I almost grabbed a foul by leaning over the wall.

This was after the game Tuesday. Joy, Eric, Lissette, Me and Dinger.

Dinger (dumb name for a mascot, but what mascot isn't dumb) was walking down the field greeting people. Well, we asked him to take a picture of us and he looked at lissette, made a THWWWWT (don't know how to spell that - but the sound of sticking your toungue out and blowing between your lips) and then turned around and covered her Padres jersey with his right arm. We were all laughing pretty hard at that.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


We snapped our 8 game losing streak last night...beat those pesky padres 4 - 0...we sat in the new seats (they got 4 new seats in the first row between 1st and right field)...they were pretty sweet and i almost grabbed a foul ball that rolled just past my glove...i was leaning over the wall, but not far enough to fall on the field...i wanted a 2nd crack at it, but nobody else hit our way (even though the Pads have like 1/2 of their team hitting lefty)...

they have a Verizon Wireless contest to take a picture of yourself and send it to the stadium on your cell and they will put it on the big screen in the 8th inning...well, lissette took the follwing shot:

But they didn't show it...they must have known a Padres fan took the pic!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

why oh why...

so, i'm sitting here wondering (yes, it is 5 in the morning -- i'm working on 4 computers for my brother this week while i'm here) wondering why oh why my Rockies are doing so bad...

I've been a Rockies fan pretty much since they started in 1993...Lissette and I have been driving up to Colorado for the past 5 years or so because Price can get us AMAZING seats to the games. We’ve made it our own little tradition. She is a Padres fan and it is a great little rivalry between her and years past our two teams have been battling it out for last place. This year it is more of the same. The Rockies are in last place and the Padres are beating them by 1/2 a game...and that stinking 1/2 a game was tonight. We were tied going into the 9th (8 to 8) and then stupid Fuentes gives up 5 runs and the rest of our stinking bullpen give up another 2 runs...we lose by 7 runs thanks to our lousy pitching that really really has been pissing me off...we've lost 8 games straight and it is VERY hard for me to believe this is pretty much the same squad that won 21 out of 22 games straight at the end of last season to take the NL championship. As a side note, I saw one of the World Series rings tonight. There is a lady named Marcie and she is the one that Price gets all of his Rockies hookups through. She works for the Rockies front office and came down to say “hi” and then she handed me her ring and said, “Check it out”. I put it on my pinkie (only finger it would fit on) and was slightly worried when it didn’t come off right away…wow, it had TONS of diamonds on it and was very very cool…I should have taken a picture of myself wearing it…maybe Thursday night (she is getting us on the field with the team for the Fireworks Show :-)

So, back to my rant…i just don't get it...yes, we've had injuries and yes, we've had some tough losses that we shouldn't have had...but WHY can't the team cough up some money and GET A REAL PITCHING STAFF??? The only one i have faith in anymore is Matt Herges - i love that guy...he is the oldest pitcher on their team BY FAR (he is 38), but he has a great curve ball and he is pretty consistent (compared to the rest of them)...he pitched 2 innings tonight and didn’t give up a single run...he did hit someone, but i'm sure the curve is hard to control at times...I also trust...well, no one...Aaron Cook is doing ok (10 and 5 w/3.64 era) but he's blown some games he shouldn't, i pretty much HATE our pitching staff at the moment (can you tell i'm bitter)...

BUT, on a bright note - we still have 2 more games this week to go to...tomorrow (cook is starting) we are going to sit in the new seats that are right on the right side at the field…we can reach down and pick up the foul balls!!! The other game is thursday against the Marlins (who actually have a winning record)...I’m bummed we won’t get to see Peavy pitch…every time we see the Padres he is just sitting next to us watching...

Oh, did I mention where our seats are? They are RIGHT NEXT to the dugout. We are basically sitting with the team. If you were to take a rope down the line where the team sits and run it towards the catcher you’d run into our seats. I have several pictures, but only one tonight (I’ll put up more tomorrow)...

even a bad game don't look so bad (well, almost) from this point of view...