Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Running @ 1/4 power

My desktop died last week!  It has taken me a while to get it going again, and I'm just working on my little ol' laptop and after having a desktop connected to 4 (!) monitors i feel like I'm running at 1/4 speed!  Here are "before and after" pics of what I'm used to and what I'm using now...

Here is what I'm used to using - 4 monitors on one computer

Here is what I've been using - one monitor on my laptop...ah, poor me :-)

I get my system back on Wednesday, so I'll be back to full speed by weeks end...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quote Props to Jackie!

I just wanted to give "props" to Jackie for giving me the idea of putting quotes on the right hand side of my blog. Her quotes are the best! And because i love Jackie, i want to be just like her :-)

Hence, my cool quotes!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Found Memory #2

Incase you don't know what Found Memory is, please see my previous post (Found Memory #1).  I will eventually move these to a site I'm setting up called, "FoundMemory.Com" - so everyone can post to it, but in the meantime - here is my next Found Memory:

Found Memory #2: Leathernose...

We  moved to  Oregon from  California  when I was 8. Each year we would drive back to California to visit my grandparents and while visiting we would go to their church. There was a girl at their church that I had a little crush on and for some reason could never bring myself to talk to her. I just admired her from afar.

When I turned 14 my friend Jeff Bennett invited me to spend a week with him and his parents in Hawaii. I spent every waking minute outside in the sun, so when I got back I was very tan.

Right after I returned from Hawaii we went to California to visit my Grandparents and I decided on the drive down that I was going to finally talk to that girl. I felt older and more mature, having been to Hawaii without my family, and knew I was ready. So, we got to church and the first part of church is Sacrament, which lasts an hour, and then Sunday School. I was waiting for Sunday School because we would both be in the same class. 

During Sacrament I could see her a few pews in front of me and I started getting nervous.  She really was very cute.  About 15 minutes before the end of Sacrament I went to the bathroom.  When I walked in and looked at myself in the mirror I knew I couldn't talk to her that day.

While I was waiting for Sacrament to be over I must have been picking the dead skin off my nose.  In the bathroom I noticed what looked like a lepers nose on my face.  I had peeled off huge chunks of very thick dead skin and underneath it was very soft, red and shiny.  The parts I hadn't peeled off yet were really dark brown and leathery looking.  I tried to peel off the rest of it, but some of it wasn't ready to be peeled off and parts started to bleed.  I stopped trying, put tissue on my nose to quell the bleeding and figured it was hopeless.

I walked out of the bathroom just after Sacrament finished and walked right into her!  She was coming out of the chapel right when I turned the corner.  She just smiled at me, said "hi" and went around me.

I'm pretty sure I didn't say anything back, I was in such a state of shock as she walked away.  I never did talk to her that day and I never saw her again.

Found Memory #1

I was thinking today about how my life (like I'm sure most of everyone's) is filled with "found memories"...those times when we had something good, bad, crazy happen and then we forgot about them until later in life...or, cool stories we haven't really told everyone...or not cool, but interesting.  You get the idea.

So, I've decided to throw in a little bit of a regular posting.  I shall call it "Found Memories" and add a numerical value to it making it that much more official.  Ah, what fun we shall have...in fact, i like the name so much i just registered foundMemory.com so i could use it in the future as its own website playground of Found Memories (hmmm, maybe i should register foundMemories.com as well?)...wow, first post and i've already gone overboard - that isn't like me at all!

So, here it is...

FOUND MEMORY #1: Supermarket BAM!

I'm  about  5 years old  and playing  "tag" in the super-market with Scottie.  My mom watches Scottie during the day and he and I find ourselves getting into trouble quite a bit.  So, we are playing a combination of "tag" and "hide and seek" all over the store while my mom shopped.  I was in isle 4a (I'm making that part up, but it will help progress the story if I have an isle number) and I had just tagged Scotty next to the spaghetti sauce.  I remember laughing and RUNNING away from him up the isle towards the milk and then turning the corner and heading down isle 5a.  I was looking behind me the whole time for him trying not to get touched and just as I turned around to see where i was going...


I ran full force into a shopping cart coming the other way, which laid me out flat.  The next thing I remember was being in the car with someone holding a towel over my forehead going to the hospital.  I don't think I blacked out or anything, but I don't remember my mom getting a towel from the manager, blood on the isle or getting into the car or any of that.

So, 5 stitches later I was back home playing with Scottie and all was well.

Oh, and the lady pushing the cart that knocked me flat and split open my forehead creating a scar still visible to this day?  That was none other than my mom.  Small world.