Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well, apparently 3 kids weren’t enough…so, we added a 4th…not a kid, but a little Golden Retriever Puppy!  He is SO STINKING CUTE and the most chillin puppy i’ve ever seen…he is a beautiful light brown color…our friends Nate and Jackie have some exchange students in their church they are close to.  Well, they are BYU students and got the dog for a depressed roommate.  But, the super found out that they had the dog and told them the dog goes or all of them go.  So, they dropped it at Nate and Jackies and when we went over last night for dinner i took one look at him and was sold!  I’ve loved animals my whole life and couldn’t wait to get a Dog.  Lissette loves dogs and wanted to get one when the kids were a little older, but this one seems like the perfect dog.  I hope we are making the right decision :-)  We have our great friend Mia who has a big beautiful dog that is very well trained (he plays a little piano at the door when he wants to go out and do his business.  He also goes in a small square of gravel outside…very well trained)…she has been giving us all kinds of tips.


Here are a bunch of pics of him with the kids.  We haven’t named him yet…

New Puppy 001

New Puppy 003

 New Puppy 006

 New Puppy 007

 New Puppy 008

New Puppy 009

 New Puppy 010

 New Puppy 011

 New Puppy 012

 New Puppy 013

 New Puppy 014

 New Puppy 015

 New Puppy 016

 New Puppy 017

 New Puppy 018

 New Puppy 019

 New Puppy 020

 New Puppy 021

 New Puppy 022

 New Puppy 023

 New Puppy 024

 New Puppy 025

 New Puppy 026

 New Puppy 027

 New Puppy 028

 New Puppy 029

 New Puppy 030

 New Puppy 031


Thursday, August 27, 2009



Front row seats to Rockies vs Dodgers game = $175

Manny salary for game = $147,000

Ignoring Manny to yell at your daughter on national TV = Priceless

***UPDATE: ok, i just noticed after my 20th viewing that Dinger (the mascot) is behind price.  He is trying to get through, but price is blocking him and you can see Dinger throw his arms up in frustration and then turn around and leave.  It almost seems like he is mocking Price by copying him.  CLASSIC!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why haven't you read this yet???

Ok, why isn’t this the most popular book in the world right now?  I gotta say, most books that are “mainstream” popular (Da Vinci Code, Twilight, etc.) in my opinion are horribly written and usually annoying (don’t tell me you think Bella is charming!!!)…so i am AMAZED when a book that is this incredibly written and the plot is flat out unputdownable (yeah, i made that up), that isn’t #1 on all of the best sellers lists…amazed people aren’t talking about it more…

So, what is this book you ask?  It is called “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett.  I know I'm not alone because of the 528 reviews on Amazon, 474 are 5 star…so why hasn’t Oprah stood up on her show and dropped praise all over this thing???  The reviews on Audible are averaging 4.89 out of 5 stars based on 1,048 reviews – for an audio book, that is astounding.

Well, I'm trying to do my part…shoot, I'm only 3/4 of the way through and i can honestly say that if the ending is horrible (like Aliens come to earth and blow it up – mind you, the book takes place in Alabama in the ‘60’s and has nothing to do with Aliens) I'd still say it was one of the best books I've ever read…

So, either go buy it or get the audio book (which, by the way, is the best I've ever heard, hands down, and I've listened to close to a 50 in the last couple of years)…the reading of it – honestly – i feel is going to ruin whatever i read next because it will not sound as good, i can guarantee that…


Friday, July 10, 2009

In-N-Out in Utah, Rockies, DC and New York oh my!

Well, it is official – we are finally getting an In-N-Out near me (a block away from my office, might I add) and while looking for a date of completion i found that we here in Orem aren’t the only ones getting one…but apparently they are springing up all over (Draper, American Fork, West Jordan and Layton)…i can’t find proof, but was told yesterday by a friend that the reason they are finally expanding is the owner passed away (it is family owned, so i guess it was the mom) and she had never wanted to have a store that was outside of a delivery “zone” – so the meat wouldn’t have to be frozen…now that she is gone the children are branching out.  While i’m sad she passed away (cause she has all of my respect and more for starting In-N-Out), i’m glad the family is bringing it here…man, i can’t wait!  To quote my sexy wife, “oh great, now we are gonna get really fat!”…apparently she hasn’t looked at me in a while cause i passed that stage about 2,000 Dr. Pepper’s ago!

I’m VERY happy my Rockies are doing well going into the All Star break…i’ve been able to watch several games on TV, but nothing beats being at the game and we were able to catch 2 during the Seattle series and they were AMAZING…it was in the middle of their streak last month and my brother Price HOOKED US UP, as usual, and we had 3rd row behind home plate for the first game and first row between Hawpe and Helton for the 2nd game…

I’ve once again been sucked into Facebook (how can something so evil be so popular???) and found myself looking for a couple of old friends from High School that i spent much of my teenage years at their house in Oregon.  I finally found a site that mentions them and am crossing my fingers that they will respond…they aren’t on Facebook that i can tell (who can blame them), but hopefully they have e-mail :-)

We went on a 2 week trip to Denver, DC and New York that was absolutely incredible and i will have to post some pics of it as soon as i can…i am at a loss when i blog at work because my lovely wife has all of the pics on her computer at home…i do have a few from my iPhone that i will post because, apparently, many of you that read my blog don’t actually read the words but just look at the pictures – how juvenile! :-)


iPhonePics 011

This might look like just mere dirt to you, but it is actually a picture of the dirt at Coors field.  The picture below this is from those seats (last year).  Well, to explain the dirt.  So, i forgot my glove this year and a foul ball was hit down the line and i leaned WAY over the wall to get it (i’m sure you’ve seen this on TV a ton – the guy leaning over the wall to tipping point)…so, i’m leaning way over and lissette is holding my legs.  The ball HITS my palm!  I was sure i had it and when i closed my hands it grazed off my fingers and moved an inch out of reach.  The picture above is the shot of my fingers digging in the dirt and the imprint of the ball just above my left finger drag.  Well, the picture below is of the grounds crew guy that was there (his name is Eric) and he walked over to the ball as i’m trying to get it and calmly picked it up.  i was like, “thanks Eric” and put my hand out as he proceeded to walk back towards first back, placing the ball in a 4 year old Japanese kids hand.  The kids was a MARINERS FAN!  They were screaming for Ichiro the whole time!!!  Man, i got ripped…shoud have brought at least one of my kids – then i’d get a ball!!!

This may be last year, but i swear he is looking at me knowing in a mere 302 days he is going to take a ball away from me and give it to an opposing fan!

iPhonePics 010

This picture is from my parents mission in DC.  This is one of the Institute students they teach and he is amazing on the piano.  He played upside down, backwards and forwards.  Very impressive.

iPhonePics 001

 Here are the girls in front of the White House.  So, we had just finished our private East Wing tour and were outside.  The girls saw a group of protestors out front and asked what they were doing so i said, lets go find out.  We walked over together and i was reading the signs to explain what they were doing there protesting.  There were several different groups (lower taxes, Iraq, Health Care, etc) and i was looking at one guys pamphlets about some sort of conspiracy with a judge or something when i noticed the girls were looking at a big poster board of tons of pictures of mutilated children in the Sudan.  They were quite wide eyed and i quickly wisked them over to the fence so they wouldn’t have to see the pictures and like a good parent said, “stand here for a picture in front of the White House and as i’m taking the picture notice they were looking behind me RIGHT AT the sign…man, what a classic move on my part…

iPhonePics 017

Here the girls are on the bus in DC pretending what they would look like if the bus stopped suddenly and they hit the glass window in front of them.  Ah, the imagination of a child…


iPhonePics 022

K, so this is a picture of a line.  I’m walking downtown New York at midnight, looking for food for my sexy love and myself and see this cart with this line – well, of course i jump in it not caring what food it is, but wanting whatever everyone thinks is good…then on the way back to our room I stop at another guy who’s food smelled amazing – again, not caring what it was – just wanting what smelled good…he didn’t have a line, but my nose knows…

So, i’m standing there with my bag and the guy says, “what’s in the bag” and i’m like, “i don’t know, just some food from up the street” and his friend who was behind me starts yelling, “OH MAN, THAT IS COLD! YOU DON’T KNOW??? THAT IS COLD! SOMEONE GET ME A KNIFE.”  So, i’m not sure what is going on and he yells, “THAT’S THE COMPETITION MAN” and the guy scooping up my food says to his friend, “See, that’s what i’m saying.  That’s exactly what I've been saying.” and then turns to me and says, “why did you get food from there?” and before i could answer he said, “it was because of the line, right?” and i said, “yeah, of course”…so the guy behind me keeps razzing me and the guy scooping the food is talking to his friend about the fact that it is all about the line…line this and line that…so, he give me the food and i take it back to the room…i tell paris, maria and lissette the story without telling them which one was the “line” food (it ends up being they are both Greek)…well, 3 of the 4 of us like the non-line guy the best…just goes to show you, lines don’t always mean grub (except in Japan when it comes to Sushi – we can vouch for a line in Tokyo for sure!)



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HOW DARE YOU NBC – Medium is one of the best shows on your dumb network!

Seriously, i get so fed up with the networks for dropping shows that are well written and made and replacing them with crap!  I mean, come on, “The Jay Leno Showare you kidding me???  Why in the world are you taking 5 hours from your PRIMEtime to give to someone that isn’t as funny as single strand of David Letterman’s nappy hair?  Leno can’t TOUCH Craig Ferguson for all out ad-lib, timing and overall humor…freak, Conan runs comedic circles around him…HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN PRIME TIME LET ALONE SUCK 5 HOURS OF IT EACH WEEK…period!  He is easily the least funny talk show host on TV and I'm including Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly in that list!  Well, now that i think about it, he ties with Jimmy and Carson…sorry, i got a little carried away there for a second.

So, because of that dumb decision, NBC now has to make space for his show, which means dropping good (no, GREAT) shows like My Name is Earl and Medium.  Lissette and I watch both of those regularly and NBC.  I guess i can’t be surprised…this is the same network that thought “KATH & KIM” was good enough to put on the same night as 3 of the best shows of all time (30 rock, The Office and, yes, Earl)…KATH & KIM doesn’t deserve to be in the same breath as those 3, let alone the same night…


Apparently, CBS (thank you “Amazing Race”, “How I Met Your Mother” Network) is looking to pick Medium up and put it with Ghost Whisperer – a show i think is a waste of an hour, but I'll take it over losing the show completely!  Read about it here:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Found Memory #4: Jeepney’s RULE!

So, i was going to add this to the Philippines post below that i just uploaded, but wanted it in its own “found memory” post…Driving around here always brings back memories from past trips, but one Philippine icon brings back a great little memory of Lissette and I…

My first trip to the Philippines was in 1995.  I had just met my beautiful love and we were just barely falling in love…we had only known each other for a few weeks, but it seemed like much longer since we saw each other every day and spent many nights on the phone talking when we were apart.  So, when I was getting ready to head home to take a semester of school I told her i wanted to go somewhere fun before I left.  I suggested Thailand, since I hadn’t been there and she said, “how about the Philippines”?  I really didn’t care, because all i really wanted was to go ANYWHERE with this girl – freak, i would have taken a trip to a Turkish Prison, as long as we could be  could be alone somewhere…

So, we decided to spend 2 weeks in Boracay on this amazing little island that takes (from Korea) 2 plane trips, a 3 hour bus trip and an hour boat ride.  It might be a little less of a boat ride, i can’t quite remember, but i do remember it took a full day to get there from Korea and i was amazed at how long it took!

The island was amazing and we had an incredible time there.  We really fell completely and madly in love over those 2 weeks and i know if we hadn’t of gone and spent that time we most likely wouldn’t have been married, or at least not as soon as we were (5 months later)…We even ended up going back there for our honeymoon, but this post isn’t about that – it is about the transportation to the island…

When we flew into the first airport in Manila, we knew we couldn’t take a shuttle from the airport to the other domestic airport because we were told it was too expensive.  So, by walking from inside the airport (shuttle: $40 dollars) to the outside (people asking if we wanted a ride to the other airport for $25) we already saved $15 bucks – we felt pretty good about ourselves at that point…but, we knew we wanted to take a taxi and have them use the meter.  That way the driver would be honest (boy, were we naive).  I’ve been here a ton since that first trip and have taken taxis in Manila several times and it is ALWAYS a nightmare – i’ve never had an honest taxi driver and almost got into a fistfight with one after he tried to rip us off on our honeymoon – but again, that is a different post.

At this point, we didn’t know how bad the taxi drivers were.  So, we got in the back of this taxi and asked the guy to use the meter.  He said, “yes yes, get in get in”…so we did and he started driving.  He didn’t start the meter and both of us are like, “hey, meter – yo, meter” and finally while driving he handed us a thick binder with all of these numbers on it.  I didn’t understand what it was and asked him and he said, “price sheet.”  Lissette yelled, “STOP THE CAR” and he was right in the middle of the road and he stopped and we got out in the middle of traffic. 

We were pretty upset at him and tried looking for another taxi, when we saw these vehicles driving all around with writing on the sides.  We tried to read what was written and lissette found one that showed “Dom. Airport” on it, so we ran after it and once it stopped we jumped in the back.  We asked a lady how much it was and she said, “5 pesos” – which at the time was about 2 and 1/2 cents!!!  WE WERE DYING…ever since then I have LOVED Jeepney’s because they are very cool (covered in tons of crazy junk and writing) and cheap cheap cheap!!!  Plus, kicking it with the locals is great as well…


Here is a picture of a couple of Jeepneys from yesterday when El and I went to the Shawarma shop (see previous post “geek heaven”).  These are REALLY plain looking ones compared to most…you just jump in back and pass the money through the window between the back and cab and then jump out at your stop.


Here is another picture of us driving next to one and you can see the writing on the side (the route it is taking)…you can also see the line of them in the right hand lane – as far as you can see forward they are jeepneys…




This is what i mean by “covered in tons of crazy junk and writing” – love the BENZ symbol!

My Phil’s Trip – geek heaven!

WOW, 2 posts in less than 5 months – i must have lost my mind…i promise this one will have pictures for all of your wordphobic people that think i say to much and show too little (you know who you are my love :-)

So, I have a lot of different jobs and responsibilities at work, but i have to say that one of my absolute favorite responsibilities are my trips to the Philippines.  I’ve been coming here for the past 8 years, sometimes twice a year, and I LOVE IT…i LOVE flying, i LOVE airports (i know i’m crazy), I LOVE THE FACTORY AND EVERYONE HERE…If i didn’t miss my family SO MUCH, especially my love lissette, i’d want to stay here a month or more!  I love these trips that much!!!

The Philippines is always so consistent…it is always hot and humid…the people are always nice and happy, smiling and laughing constantly…the factory is a BUZZ with workers and watching our hard work at home turn into uniforms is the best…

I didn’t take a ton of pictures this time because my phone died and i didn’t have a charger for a while, but i did get a picture of two of my favorite things…

FAVORITE THING #1:  I like to plan my 2 week trips around a holiday, so i can spend the first week (while the workers are gone) holed up in my “cave” of a room surrounded by 5 computers at a time that i am cleaning up, formatting, updating, fixing, etc…i’ll finish one – take it downstairs – grab another and bring it upstairs to keep at it…I will work for hours and hours, not really knowing the time of day since i’m in the middle of the factory with no outside light coming in and i basically work until i collapse from exhaustion…i’ll catch about 3 – 4 hours of sleep – get up and do it again until i collapse…all of the time i have the music cranked and the computers a hummin and i’m in “geek heaven”…

I get a ton done while they are gone, so when they get back i can set it all up and then spend my second week making sure they are right, fixing others that I didn’t finish up during the first week, and working with them on things like Inventory, website, reports, etc…

This is when I first arrived and started setting things up


Here is a shot just before my camera died.  I only have 3 computers setup in this view so far, but you can see how i’m doing it…under the monitor is a KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch…this allows me to just use a single Keyboard/Monitor/Mouse for all of the systems and when I want to switch to a different one it is just a matter of pushing a button.  This makes things VERY efficient and takes up a ton less space (not having 5 monitors, keyboard and mice is nice!)

You will also notice the bottle of coke…they buy me a case when i first get here and because i’m working 20 + hour days it is a requirement to have the fridge fully stocked :-)

This trip I’ve spent a lot of time this time working on the Embroidery computers.  They bought a new 20 head embroidery machine and needed their Embroidery computer cleaned up and a 2nd one setup for that room so they could work faster.  This took quite a while for me since i ran into some issues, but I have it working well and am glad my work here translates into making them more productive and having things go faster (which means we can make more product, which equals more money – economics 101 anyone???)


Here is the new 20 head embroidery machine. 



They are building a room to put this and the other 2 machines in (top of the picture in the back corner).


This is the current embroidery room.  On the left is the 6 head and on the right is the 4 head.  In the middle are a bunch of hilarious embroiderers… 



Here is a picture taken, believe it or not, out the window of my room right above my bed.  They are moving the cutters upstairs to make room for the embroidery area they are building, so i wake up each morning to them moving tables, inventory, etc. upstairs. 


The first week that i’m here i’m all alone at the factory, which i love, but since I don’t like to leave the cave while i have all of these prime hours to work uninterupted, i don’t get out much.  I do have a car and can go out to eat wherever i want, but i really like being holed up in the cave with the music cranked and the computers a hummin’…

So, when people return I love going out to see the outside world in the form of lunch!  I really don’t like how far we have to go to find anything decent, but i love going with people to lunch.  This trip I was lucky enough to go with several different people over the week (ron, el and kuya)…hanging out with them and talking about their lives and my life is the best…then coming back to the office and hearing them laugh and seeing them smile (especially if i bring all of them doughnuts) rocks…

So, one of my FAVORITE places here is a little shop that is next door to our old factory.  Our factory used to be located on Fields Ave (famous street in the Philippines where all of the “working girls” are and there are tons of Go Go clubs all up and down the street.  You can see these perv old men walking hand in hand with these young girls all over the place….yuck!) – So, we were right in the middle of that, and there was this little shop right next door to our old factory that sold Shawarma’s.  I’ve had Shawarma’s from various places and cultures, but these are by far my favorite.  We went there yesterday and I ordered 4 (which is a ton and I had to give one to El because I couldn’t finish them all, but i usually only get back to eat there once while i’m here and I want to make sure i get my fill.)  I love the owner because he always remembers me (even when I forget his name)…


Ah, Shawarma’s…you can see they only cost about a dollar (55 peso’s) and it is worth every penny!!!


Here I am with Mr. Shawarma himself (Jun is his name)…he is great…i have no idea how he works in the heat, standing right in front of those 2 fires behind the meat!!!  I was there for only about 30 seconds waiting for El to take this picture and I think i have 3rd degree burns from the experience…


Here I am showing off my finished plate…do i look STUFFED???  Trust me, I AM!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Found Memory #3: dumping a girl

So, you know how 16 is an awkward age for pretty much anyone? Well, i had a pretty embarrassing experience trying to impress a girl that i just remembered.

When I turned 14 (in 1982), I attended EFY and loved it...i went back when i was 15 and again, had an excellent time. Well, when I turned 16 i decided to go to “Singing Entertainer” which was also at BYU, but was a week long “workshop” with BYU’s Young Ambassadors.  Yeah, i spent my summers during my 16th and 17th years singing show tunes at BYU, what’s it too ya?  :-)

So, i LOVED this as well and one of the reasons i probably liked it more than EFY had everything to do with the fact that there were only about 100 kids (EFY had several hundred, if not 1,000’s – I'm guessing about that number and could be way off, but hey, i was 14 – a crowed of 20 looked like a multitude to me back then)…

So, only 100 kids…oh, did i mention 95 of them were girls?  And the other 4 boys had NO CHANCE…seriously, who would want the other 4 – they sang show tunes during their summers…

Yeah, so i loved Singing Entertainer.  We practiced dancing, sang songs and hung out together.  Well, there was this one girl…sigh…ok, i can’t for the life of me remember her name, but she sang a solo during the week (that ended in a concert for our families) – it was “I got no strings” from Pinocchio and i thought she sounded really really good (plus, she was hekka cute – how’s that for Utah slang)…

Well, i tried to spark up something with her and it seemed to be going OK, but i couldn’t tell if she liked me or not…until one night.  We were hanging out with a few of the other kids, you know – singing around a piano (what’s it too ya???) and we all decided to go across campus and get a drink from the dorms…we went outside and she jumped on my back so i could give her a piggyback across the parking lot…i started forward, excited she was showing me this kind of attention because that meant I WAS IN BABY…and then i stepped off the curb…

At which point i pitched forward, dumping her on the asphalt, causing her to skin her hands pretty bad.  Well, lets just say she wasn’t too happy with me and her attentions were directed elsewhere for the remainder of the week.