Friday, April 17, 2009

My Phil’s Trip – geek heaven!

WOW, 2 posts in less than 5 months – i must have lost my mind…i promise this one will have pictures for all of your wordphobic people that think i say to much and show too little (you know who you are my love :-)

So, I have a lot of different jobs and responsibilities at work, but i have to say that one of my absolute favorite responsibilities are my trips to the Philippines.  I’ve been coming here for the past 8 years, sometimes twice a year, and I LOVE IT…i LOVE flying, i LOVE airports (i know i’m crazy), I LOVE THE FACTORY AND EVERYONE HERE…If i didn’t miss my family SO MUCH, especially my love lissette, i’d want to stay here a month or more!  I love these trips that much!!!

The Philippines is always so consistent…it is always hot and humid…the people are always nice and happy, smiling and laughing constantly…the factory is a BUZZ with workers and watching our hard work at home turn into uniforms is the best…

I didn’t take a ton of pictures this time because my phone died and i didn’t have a charger for a while, but i did get a picture of two of my favorite things…

FAVORITE THING #1:  I like to plan my 2 week trips around a holiday, so i can spend the first week (while the workers are gone) holed up in my “cave” of a room surrounded by 5 computers at a time that i am cleaning up, formatting, updating, fixing, etc…i’ll finish one – take it downstairs – grab another and bring it upstairs to keep at it…I will work for hours and hours, not really knowing the time of day since i’m in the middle of the factory with no outside light coming in and i basically work until i collapse from exhaustion…i’ll catch about 3 – 4 hours of sleep – get up and do it again until i collapse…all of the time i have the music cranked and the computers a hummin and i’m in “geek heaven”…

I get a ton done while they are gone, so when they get back i can set it all up and then spend my second week making sure they are right, fixing others that I didn’t finish up during the first week, and working with them on things like Inventory, website, reports, etc…

This is when I first arrived and started setting things up


Here is a shot just before my camera died.  I only have 3 computers setup in this view so far, but you can see how i’m doing it…under the monitor is a KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch…this allows me to just use a single Keyboard/Monitor/Mouse for all of the systems and when I want to switch to a different one it is just a matter of pushing a button.  This makes things VERY efficient and takes up a ton less space (not having 5 monitors, keyboard and mice is nice!)

You will also notice the bottle of coke…they buy me a case when i first get here and because i’m working 20 + hour days it is a requirement to have the fridge fully stocked :-)

This trip I’ve spent a lot of time this time working on the Embroidery computers.  They bought a new 20 head embroidery machine and needed their Embroidery computer cleaned up and a 2nd one setup for that room so they could work faster.  This took quite a while for me since i ran into some issues, but I have it working well and am glad my work here translates into making them more productive and having things go faster (which means we can make more product, which equals more money – economics 101 anyone???)


Here is the new 20 head embroidery machine. 



They are building a room to put this and the other 2 machines in (top of the picture in the back corner).


This is the current embroidery room.  On the left is the 6 head and on the right is the 4 head.  In the middle are a bunch of hilarious embroiderers… 



Here is a picture taken, believe it or not, out the window of my room right above my bed.  They are moving the cutters upstairs to make room for the embroidery area they are building, so i wake up each morning to them moving tables, inventory, etc. upstairs. 


The first week that i’m here i’m all alone at the factory, which i love, but since I don’t like to leave the cave while i have all of these prime hours to work uninterupted, i don’t get out much.  I do have a car and can go out to eat wherever i want, but i really like being holed up in the cave with the music cranked and the computers a hummin’…

So, when people return I love going out to see the outside world in the form of lunch!  I really don’t like how far we have to go to find anything decent, but i love going with people to lunch.  This trip I was lucky enough to go with several different people over the week (ron, el and kuya)…hanging out with them and talking about their lives and my life is the best…then coming back to the office and hearing them laugh and seeing them smile (especially if i bring all of them doughnuts) rocks…

So, one of my FAVORITE places here is a little shop that is next door to our old factory.  Our factory used to be located on Fields Ave (famous street in the Philippines where all of the “working girls” are and there are tons of Go Go clubs all up and down the street.  You can see these perv old men walking hand in hand with these young girls all over the place….yuck!) – So, we were right in the middle of that, and there was this little shop right next door to our old factory that sold Shawarma’s.  I’ve had Shawarma’s from various places and cultures, but these are by far my favorite.  We went there yesterday and I ordered 4 (which is a ton and I had to give one to El because I couldn’t finish them all, but i usually only get back to eat there once while i’m here and I want to make sure i get my fill.)  I love the owner because he always remembers me (even when I forget his name)…


Ah, Shawarma’s…you can see they only cost about a dollar (55 peso’s) and it is worth every penny!!!


Here I am with Mr. Shawarma himself (Jun is his name)…he is great…i have no idea how he works in the heat, standing right in front of those 2 fires behind the meat!!!  I was there for only about 30 seconds waiting for El to take this picture and I think i have 3rd degree burns from the experience…


Here I am showing off my finished plate…do i look STUFFED???  Trust me, I AM!!!

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