Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HOW DARE YOU NBC – Medium is one of the best shows on your dumb network!

Seriously, i get so fed up with the networks for dropping shows that are well written and made and replacing them with crap!  I mean, come on, “The Jay Leno Showare you kidding me???  Why in the world are you taking 5 hours from your PRIMEtime to give to someone that isn’t as funny as single strand of David Letterman’s nappy hair?  Leno can’t TOUCH Craig Ferguson for all out ad-lib, timing and overall humor…freak, Conan runs comedic circles around him…HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN PRIME TIME LET ALONE SUCK 5 HOURS OF IT EACH WEEK…period!  He is easily the least funny talk show host on TV and I'm including Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly in that list!  Well, now that i think about it, he ties with Jimmy and Carson…sorry, i got a little carried away there for a second.

So, because of that dumb decision, NBC now has to make space for his show, which means dropping good (no, GREAT) shows like My Name is Earl and Medium.  Lissette and I watch both of those regularly and NBC.  I guess i can’t be surprised…this is the same network that thought “KATH & KIM” was good enough to put on the same night as 3 of the best shows of all time (30 rock, The Office and, yes, Earl)…KATH & KIM doesn’t deserve to be in the same breath as those 3, let alone the same night…


Apparently, CBS (thank you “Amazing Race”, “How I Met Your Mother” Network) is looking to pick Medium up and put it with Ghost Whisperer – a show i think is a waste of an hour, but I'll take it over losing the show completely!  Read about it here: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/showtracker/2009/05/cbs-tv-studios-to-nbc-cancellation-of-medium-is-inexplicable.html