Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well, apparently 3 kids weren’t enough…so, we added a 4th…not a kid, but a little Golden Retriever Puppy!  He is SO STINKING CUTE and the most chillin puppy i’ve ever seen…he is a beautiful light brown color…our friends Nate and Jackie have some exchange students in their church they are close to.  Well, they are BYU students and got the dog for a depressed roommate.  But, the super found out that they had the dog and told them the dog goes or all of them go.  So, they dropped it at Nate and Jackies and when we went over last night for dinner i took one look at him and was sold!  I’ve loved animals my whole life and couldn’t wait to get a Dog.  Lissette loves dogs and wanted to get one when the kids were a little older, but this one seems like the perfect dog.  I hope we are making the right decision :-)  We have our great friend Mia who has a big beautiful dog that is very well trained (he plays a little piano at the door when he wants to go out and do his business.  He also goes in a small square of gravel outside…very well trained)…she has been giving us all kinds of tips.


Here are a bunch of pics of him with the kids.  We haven’t named him yet…

New Puppy 001

New Puppy 003

 New Puppy 006

 New Puppy 007

 New Puppy 008

New Puppy 009

 New Puppy 010

 New Puppy 011

 New Puppy 012

 New Puppy 013

 New Puppy 014

 New Puppy 015

 New Puppy 016

 New Puppy 017

 New Puppy 018

 New Puppy 019

 New Puppy 020

 New Puppy 021

 New Puppy 022

 New Puppy 023

 New Puppy 024

 New Puppy 025

 New Puppy 026

 New Puppy 027

 New Puppy 028

 New Puppy 029

 New Puppy 030

 New Puppy 031