Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Because your day isn’t complete

Without a little “Sebastian in the Snow”

sebastian in the snow

He LOVES snow!  He will just run outside, jump in it, lay down and stick his nose deep into it and flip his head up…then run around more, drop in it and eat it and repeat over and over…i feel bad because he gets pretty hot in the house and acts like the snow is water to someone that’s been in a desert for a week…

Monday, January 25, 2010

Post Pic from Being Fat

Sorry, i forgot to do the post-picture…well, here it is in all it’s “glory”…i have to say, on both the before and after i was not sucking it in nor was i pushing it out…i was just standing relaxed (and making a face in the first one :)  I’ll put them side by side for easy comparison…


So, this week is only exercise and eat smart – no soda, sugar, etc…i decided that since my name was Jared i might as well go on the “jared diet” :-) which is actually just walking to Subway and getting something small and walking back…it is a mile roundtrip and i got the flatbread with chicken and cheese…honestly, i have never been a huge fan of Subway (except for a brief semester at UNLV when i had the meatball footlong about every meal with the chocolate chip cookies – is it any wonder i look like the before pic above?)…so, after lunch i gotta say i’m comfortable – not stuffed like i usually eat, and that was the goal…hope i can keep it up…it was hard not getting a soda cause i love water, but when i eat out i really HATE the water they serve (tastes gross) and i always forget to bring my own water…i know i could have done better (i got ranch on it – a little, but ranch nonetheless and i got a cranberry apple rasberry drink) but i really really can’t go 100% all out, as i mentioned before, cause i will not – WILL NOT stick with it…i know myself…if i don’t enjoy what i’m doing (exercise, food, etc) i wont do it…

Speaking of exercise, this morning i ran with Sebastian…i was going to get up at 6:45 and i actually set my alarm for that early…well, one look at how dark it was plus the fact that i was up late working on computers meant turning off the alarm and getting up at 7:30 with the kids for our morning scripture reading…i went running after that and Sebastian was in heaven…i, on the other hand, was nervous cause he will stay close to me but doesn’t understand that cars do come at him from the back of us…i like to listen to my iPod while running, so i can’t hear the traffic very well and it all boiled down to me thinking i need to find a more safe place to run…

I’m planning on hitting the gym before going home for dinner and FHE…Tristan has the lesson tonight…i love that girl!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


So, my beautiful, sexy and amazing love called me yesterday (day 10) at 3:00 and said, “i’m so hungry” – that’s all it took…we both were DREADING the weekend cause it sucks on the cleanse…so, i said, “shall i grab food on the way home?” and she jumped on it!  I’m so bad!  If i’d said, “my love we are so close – we can make it 14 days” she would have been, “yeah, you are right”…she’s done that for me when i’m struggling…but the second she gave me an opening i’m all over it – LET’S EAT!

So, we made it 10 days…we didn’t come down the way you should normally – juice, etc…which i wouldn’t suggest at all, but the food tasted AMAZING…we had Korean – i had Soon Dubu Jjigae which is a soft tofu soup…it is very spicy and they say having some spicy soup is the best way to come down…Lissette had Kimchi jjigae which is Kim Chi soup and this is the most preferred way to come down because one of the things on the list of foods to get your stomach going is Cabbage and Kim Chi is nothing but cabbage…in a spicy soup – ideal for post-cleanse food…

So, we both lost about 10 pounds and are determined to work out and “earn” eating what we want…if we exercise we get to have the things we like (for her, sugar cookies and for me Dr. Pepper)…but, not until we’ve gone a week of working out…next week we need to just eat simple and no In-N-Out, deserts, etc.  Then the week after slowly introduce them back in with our exercise.  I can’t say, “i’m done with sodas” or “i’ll never eat cookie dough again”…food is such a huge part of who i am and who we are as a couple that taking it away and only eating healthy all of the time seems like massive torture to me…in the past i’ve tried to “stop drinking soda” or something like that and i honestly just can’t do it…but, what i can do is drink less and over the years i totally have…when i was younger i would get a Double-Gulp (1/2 a gallon!) at least 2 a day…it was no big deal to drink them all day everywhere i went i’d have one with me…well, i’ve come a LONG way from that…now i’ll hit a bottle or two of mexican coke (the BEST) or a can of Mt. Dew / Dr. Pepper…if i’m home and we have it in the fridge i find myself drinking more (couple of cans a night) but NO WHERE NEAR what i used to drink…i honestly love soda – sorry, that’s my vice – oh and my favorite desert – COOKIE DOUGH!

I’ve done this cleanse off and on for over 10 years and it is hard – make no mistake…but, it does make me feel a lot “cleaner”…one thing i did have this time that i can’t remember having before is i did have a bit of acid-stomach on it…it was pretty much every day, which sucked because i don’t like acid stomach – but also because i didn’t expect it…

Friday, January 22, 2010

QUIT BEING FAT, DAMNIT – Days 7, 8 and 9

Well, a wrap-up of the past 3 days.  I’m on day 10 today so you’ll hear about that tomorrow or when i get around to it…but, as far as the last 3 days, here is what i love/hate about this cleanse:

1. LOVE: Day 8 i weighed myself in the morning to see how much i’d lost in 1 week…it was 9 pounds.  Now, i know this whole thing isn’t for the losing of weight, it is to “detox” and losing weight is a nice bi-product, but it really is nice being lighter, snoring less, having more “wind” when walking up stairs, etc…i’m not delusional enough to think i will keep the weight off, but it is a good little kick-start to hopefully eating less/working out more…knowing me, i’ll get it all back and more in 4 months :-)

2. HATE: I hate not being able to chew…i was meeting with some people here at work and figured my breath doesn’t smell the best, so i threw a piece of gum in really quickly and it was such an odd feeling after a week – to actually chew something…crazy…i do believe psychologically chewing is a very important part of eating….i felt fuller just chewing…

3. LOVE: I love when i drink the salt-flush and about gag/throw up and make all these sounds out loud and my beautiful Tristan says, “Daddy, why do you keep doing that – why don’t you quit drinking it?”  I do love that girl!

4. HATE: I HATE the smell of food everywhere, the commercials ALL OVER TV (even fast forwarding through commercials shows about 15 different food ads – sucks!), driving by In-N-Out, driving by SmashBurger that isn’t open but i’m excited for it, being asked to go to lunch by everyone here that always forgets i’m on it and i LOVE going to lunch with the guys – so, i hate that I'm not done so i can go to lunch with everyone!

5. LOVE: Lissette for being on this at the same time as me…she keeps telling me i’m a wimp cause I wine to her most of all how much i want to eat…and she had no sympathy – which is cool, cause she is on it too and last night she BROKE :-)  Finally she is talking about how hard it is so i can call her a WIMP :-)


Side note – last night i took Paris to Avatar – gotta say, i do love that movie.  Lissette and I saw it a few weeks ago and talked about how great it would be taking the kids…So, Paris woke up 2 hours early yesterday (and she NEVER gets up early and usually gets up late) and spent the time reading the scriptures!  I wanted to thank her for being so good in the morning  so i took her on a Daddy/Daughter date to Avatar…we usually go to lunch and hang out in the afternoon for our Daddy/Daughter dates, but it was SO FUN taking her to the movie…i am SO BUMMED i didn’t take pictures of it – man, i suck!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yesterday was probably the easiest of the days so far.  Got the mixture correct for my daily drink…not too bad headache wise, weakness wise, etc…maybe it was easy cause i forgot to take any of the cayenne pills!

I have a photography class tonight I'm excited about – i’ve been wanting to learn my camera (Nikon D90) better and hopefully tonight i’ll pick up some tricks!  Although it does take splendid pics even on the auto mode (that i’m embarrassed i use!!!)  Hopefully tonight i’ll have a good idea on how to take even better pics!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Well, the hardest part with all of this cleanse is not the first three days (in my mind) but it is the weekend…the weekend SUCKS when it comes to cleansing…the reason?  Well, lets take an inventory of my weekend…i decided to take Saturday off from work, which hasn’t happened in I don’t know how long – so, woke up Saturday morning, walked the dog, played with the family, took a nap, watched the Saints beat the Cardinals, did some chores around the house, walked the dog, washed the dog, watched the Colts beat the Ravens, watched TV with the sexy wife, went to sleep, got up for church, meetings, watched the Cowboys get killed by the Vikings and then dog, kids, Chargers/jets, shows, sleep…

So, that’s it in a nutshell…i know, a lot of football – i’m a baseball guy and will watch my Rockies throughout the year almost daily – but really only watch football a lot during the play-off’s…so, when i watch games i like to munch and drink dr. pepper or Mexican coke…and when i stay home on a Saturday we like to have a great breakfast…plus, Lissette and I love to eat out (main reason we suck at getting ahead of our bills…oh, and why we both are so fat) and so, if i was to take a Saturday off normally, we’d plan somewhere fun to go eat…last weekend we did Red Robin for dinner on Friday night and Cracker Barrel for brunch…so, big difference when you are sitting there sipping your drink all day…at least during the week i can focus on work and not think about it as much – weekend, not like that at all!  It was so hard yesterday that I’ve been thinking of only going 10 days…

My love got a bad headache on Saturday night and took an Advil – i wouldn’t suggest this on the cleanse – she puked it up about 30 minutes later…I had a pretty bad headache last night as i went to sleep, but i think it was from not managing my drinks better…i was pretty weak and you shouldn’t be bad this far into it…

The psychological part of this whole thing sucks…when you think about food, eating, etc…that is what totally kills you…and the weekend, being with my grubbin’ buddy, makes it very hard!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Well, today i keep forgetting to drink my solution…i’m not really hungry – which is a great thing, and my head isn’t too bad either – which is very surprising with the amount of dr. pepper / mexican coke i consume…i’m not complaining, because i know it is working – i just was braced and expecting it to be very hard (raging headache, nauseous, ready to kill any and all humans within 5 feet of me holding anything edible)…

I did tweak the Sea Salt Flush mixture this morning because yesterday wasn’t as effective…i made sure i had a whole quart and did 2 tsp’s (i did it by memory yesterday and thought it was 1 tsp)…well, it really really worked…i HATE drinking the stuff and actually threw-up a little after chugging the jar – but i LOVE knowing i’m flushing out the crap that is being cleansed…

Paris was SO CUTE this morning – she set her alarm and got up early, got dressed and made breakfast for everyone because “mommy and daddy are on their drinking diet”…i love when she is in her very happy/helpful mode in the mornings, which is very rare – she is more like me – don’t say it is time to get up, don’t say it is time, don’t, don’t, noooo…

Paris did leave a mess in the kitchen for lissette to clean up, but she didn’t mind as long as she didn’t have to cook…Sebastian LOVES it when lissette does the dishes cause he “helps” her make sure they go into the dishwasher as clean as possible…here is a picture of him helping her when he was a smaller puppy – he can’t get on the door anymore now and has to help from the side, which he is just fine with – i always know when he has helped with the dishes cause his head is wet from the dripping of cups on the top shelf…

Sebastian_Loves_To_Do_The_Dishes_003[2] Is that the smallest bit of a tortilla i see??? mmmmmm….

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So, they say the first 3 day are the hardest – and I've found that to be true – but I'd say the 2nd and the 3rd days are far harder than the first…Maybe that is because i tend to eat later in the day, often not getting food into me until noon or later – so my body isn’t really looking for anything in the morning – bad habit, i know.  But, on day 1 i find that my body doesn’t realize that it is missing food since i’m sipping my “jug o juice” and by the time my brain wakes up i’m cuddle up in bed with my sexy…

So, yesterday – day 1 – not too bad…this morning i had the first of my next 13 “salt water flushes”…i couldn’t remember what i did last year, but thought it was 1 tsp – i think tomorrow i’ll do 2 since it didn’t work as well as usual…not to get too far into the yucks, but the “flush” didn’t start for about 30 minutes and it wasn’t as much as i have had in the past…the time isn’t a concern – but the amount is…

So, today i’m feeling it – i got the “Where the hell is your Dr. Pepper” headache going…i got the light headed/weak feeling of lack of solids…but, mostly i’m SMELLING a ton of food smells already.  Last time that was hard, because we get free hot dogs here at work and people are always grillin them up on the Foreman.  Well, i like a good dog (j-dawgs being my fav) so smelling it all the way back here in my office is, um…less than pleasant…

I do enjoy people here at work making comments…my favorite is when josh calls the liquid my “urine sample” jug…here is a picture, so you can see why he thinks that:


photo Is this enough Doctor???

As as side note, i was getting dressed for work and Lissette was separating the clothes into piles…she walked away for a bit and when i went to get into the closet i saw Sebastian had made himself a nice little bed amongst the dirty clothes…i took a picture, but it wasn’t as cute as when i first saw him – stretched out and sleeping…he woke up when i went to get the camera and came to me…after he laid back down i snapped one with my phone…i do love that dog…

photoahhhh….so comfy

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So, it is on!  And about to come off…Back in 1997 or there about, Lissette and I were living in Korea.  We had this friend Luke…he was classic, but that is another post…so, he told us about this cleansing diet called the Master Cleanse – many of you have probably heard of it because it has become quite “sheik” to do, but back then it was just a bit on the strange side…

So, we started this cleanse that should go for a minimum of 10 days and up to something like 50…i only made it about 4 while Lissette made it longer and Eric (my brother) went the distance if i remember correctly…mostly, it sucks – BUT, when done correctly you feel amazing – you do dump weight, but that isn’t the main reason for doing it – it is to detox your system of all of the crap you eat…

Well, i have done it about 5 times over the last 13 years and today i’m starting it again…here is the main gist of it:

Do the following for 10 – 45 days


(1 day worth)

Juice from 5 Lemons

* If you roll them on the counter to soften them and then cut them and squeeze them you will get more juice

* A juicer is best

* Use a strainer to strain out the seeds

1 ½ to 1 ¼ cups of organic grade B maple syrup

* Should be grade B (or A if you must) and shouldn’t be the stuff you put on your pancakes J…should be Organic and I always use Grade B

Cayenne pepper

* You can do the cayenne pepper one of 2 ways

1: Into the drink mix (people like this cause it gives the drink a “kick”

2: In a separate mixture of water that you drink and then wash it down with some of the lemonade mix

* As far as how much cayenne – it is as much as you can handle.  It is good for you, helps clean the blood, etc…many good properties…I bought the “cool” brand and it was (I think) 100,000 BTU’s…I’d mix it in a little paper cup with water and take it like a “shot” glass and then drink my lemonade stuff…

spring, distilled, or purified (NOT fluoridated) water

* I filled up most of the Gallon jug with water – doesn’t really matter how much cause you can drink as much water as you want throughout the day…I filled it about 2 inches from the top…


This will be your mixture throughout the day and you should never be really “hungry” because you will be “sipping” it to make it last…I take a good few gulps every 30 – 45 minutes to keep the edge off…you can make more the first few days if you find yourself too hungry…I have found this the best way to do the diet (many people make a drink every couple of hours) – having the gallon saves the day for me…


You should drink an herbal laxative tea (like Smooth Move) before bed.


Sea Salt Flush

Every morning when you first wake up you should do a Sea Salt Flush (many people have the hardest time with this part of it, but I think it is one of the most important things you can do on the cleanse…at night the laxative tea will “loosen” things up and the flush will “flush” them out…here is what it is:

- 1 Quart of warm water

- 2 TSP of sea salt (NO IODINE)

    * Mix together until dissolved

- Drink down

     * I prefer to take a breath and hold it while drinking – trying to drink the whole thing in one breath…it is hard but the easiest way I’ve found to drink it down.  Lissette can’t do it at all so if you can’t drink it then you can do a laxative tea in the morning as well…not ideal, but it will work if the sea salt flush makes you want to puke and you can’t get it down…

     * be near a restroom for 30 minutes – 1 hour…you will “go” multiple times during that time…gross, but part of the cleanse for sure…


Coming off the cleanse is very important…you can’t just jump into solid foods or you will be very nauseous and sorry…you should start the morning of your first day off by sipping orange juice throughout the morning/afternoon (many say only juice the first day)…then that afternoon or night or the next day have some vegetable broth (Nate just boiled veggies in a pot and drank the juice)…I personally did juice the first morn/afternoon and then had a broth of Korean soup made of tofu and spices…it was a way to wake up my digestive system…just be careful and read the best way to come off it…if you go longer than 10 days you come down time needs to be longer…don’t jump into solids until at least 2 days after your 10 day (like meat, etc…) – I waited 3 days to be sure before having anything too heavy…



And that’s about it…So, I'm starting it today and I hope to go for 14 days this time (i did 10 days last year)…Lissette is also starting today and Nate is doing it Thursday…

STARTING WEIGHT: 194 (according to my scale, that is about 5 lbs off)


fat OH MAN I’M HUGE!!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

2010...Day 7

carry on, nothing to see here...

Friday, January 01, 2010

2010…day 1

Well, i can count myself perfect for having written a post every day this year…that is one thing I'm SO proud of Lissette for doing – she is keeping a “journal” of the year every day and adding pictures so making a book for 2009 will be so easy!  She has more than a post a day and i am amazed at how much i have forgotten about the year…incredible…

Well, i know i’ll jack this up and only post for the next couple of days or whatever and then you wont see anything until 2011 – but, in the spirit of new beginnings, here is a post for you today…

We went to a fun NYE party last night at D & J’s and got to hang out with people we don’t see nearly enough!

Here is a pic of Paris with close to a ton of confetti after the bell struck 2010:

iPhonePics 063

Go 2010…lets rock this place!