Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Because your day isn’t complete

Without a little “Sebastian in the Snow”

sebastian in the snow

He LOVES snow!  He will just run outside, jump in it, lay down and stick his nose deep into it and flip his head up…then run around more, drop in it and eat it and repeat over and over…i feel bad because he gets pretty hot in the house and acts like the snow is water to someone that’s been in a desert for a week…


The Fox Den said...

I told you {and Nate}... he's an outside dog {like all dogs should be} :)

Sidenote: Naomi bought a shirt at walmart that says I {heart} my puppy. I asked her if that was for one of her stuffed dogs. No, it's for Sebastian. She loves your dog too!!

jaredean said...

YAY - my dog needs more love! maybe Naomi should come over and play with him!!!

And, he for sure is not an outdoor dog - i KNOW he gets hot inside and when i take him outside he is in heaven, but the second i head towards the door he gives the look (the one in the picture) that is basically, "hey - you going in? if so, i'm coming in too - so, don't go in for just a second more please!"