Friday, January 22, 2010

QUIT BEING FAT, DAMNIT – Days 7, 8 and 9

Well, a wrap-up of the past 3 days.  I’m on day 10 today so you’ll hear about that tomorrow or when i get around to it…but, as far as the last 3 days, here is what i love/hate about this cleanse:

1. LOVE: Day 8 i weighed myself in the morning to see how much i’d lost in 1 week…it was 9 pounds.  Now, i know this whole thing isn’t for the losing of weight, it is to “detox” and losing weight is a nice bi-product, but it really is nice being lighter, snoring less, having more “wind” when walking up stairs, etc…i’m not delusional enough to think i will keep the weight off, but it is a good little kick-start to hopefully eating less/working out more…knowing me, i’ll get it all back and more in 4 months :-)

2. HATE: I hate not being able to chew…i was meeting with some people here at work and figured my breath doesn’t smell the best, so i threw a piece of gum in really quickly and it was such an odd feeling after a week – to actually chew something…crazy…i do believe psychologically chewing is a very important part of eating….i felt fuller just chewing…

3. LOVE: I love when i drink the salt-flush and about gag/throw up and make all these sounds out loud and my beautiful Tristan says, “Daddy, why do you keep doing that – why don’t you quit drinking it?”  I do love that girl!

4. HATE: I HATE the smell of food everywhere, the commercials ALL OVER TV (even fast forwarding through commercials shows about 15 different food ads – sucks!), driving by In-N-Out, driving by SmashBurger that isn’t open but i’m excited for it, being asked to go to lunch by everyone here that always forgets i’m on it and i LOVE going to lunch with the guys – so, i hate that I'm not done so i can go to lunch with everyone!

5. LOVE: Lissette for being on this at the same time as me…she keeps telling me i’m a wimp cause I wine to her most of all how much i want to eat…and she had no sympathy – which is cool, cause she is on it too and last night she BROKE :-)  Finally she is talking about how hard it is so i can call her a WIMP :-)


Side note – last night i took Paris to Avatar – gotta say, i do love that movie.  Lissette and I saw it a few weeks ago and talked about how great it would be taking the kids…So, Paris woke up 2 hours early yesterday (and she NEVER gets up early and usually gets up late) and spent the time reading the scriptures!  I wanted to thank her for being so good in the morning  so i took her on a Daddy/Daughter date to Avatar…we usually go to lunch and hang out in the afternoon for our Daddy/Daughter dates, but it was SO FUN taking her to the movie…i am SO BUMMED i didn’t take pictures of it – man, i suck!

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