Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bronson is AWAKE!!!

I've been posting on my Facebook about our friends Matt and Sara Staker...their little boy had a tragic accident 10 days ago - you can read Sara's account of it <a href="http://stakerzxposed.blogspot.com/2010_02_01_archive.html" target='blank'>HERE</a>.  Then you can work your way back through the posts to read Sara's amazing account of what has been happening...she has captured the attention of the globe (over 15,000 hits noon today so far) - well, i had the wonderful opportunity to help her last night by offloading some texts from her cell phone - i went to the hospital to drop it off, give them a quick hug and come back...i had NO idea that this morning that he would "wake up" from his lethargic/unresponsive state and be back to himself again...



You can keep up on what is happening on her blog at: http://stakerzxposed.blogspot.com/

We love Matt and Sara and their boys and are so excited for them!

Also, Jane has posted on her blog various ways to help the family out with the tons of medical bills (life flight alone was $15,000!!!)…the family isn’t asking for this, only your prayers – but her friends and family know how much they will have to face after all of this and we want to make sure they get some financial help that is so needed for the long road ahead…

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{jane} said...

yay! bronson is awake!

i read the comment you put on sara's blog,
"last monday we visited and tuesday he wakes up...last night we visit and today...i'm just sayin'"

so funny. you're the best!
so nice of you to take care of sara's phone, she mentioned it to me, a few times, about how grateful she is!