Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My Jonsi Review of “Go”



This album makes me happy. Completely and utterly. I was worried that the album as a whole wouldn’t live up to “Boy Lilikoi”, the first single, and at the same time I didn’t want it to be 9 “Boy Lilikoi” songs in a row…if Sigur Ros has taught me anything, it is that music can be expansive, epic and evolving – all on the same album and usually within the same song. Sigur Ros is one of the most amazing bands in the world and usually, when you pull an individual out of an incredible band like that and they produce music on their own - it usually isn’t that great (Robert Plant, Rodger Waters, David Lee Roth, etc.), while at other times it can go well (John Lennon, Morrissey), but even then it never really touches the complete feeling you get from the group as a whole. That was my concern with Jonsi and, while it isn’t as epic and all consuming as a Sigur Ros release, it far surpasses 95% of the music released every Tuesday of every month of every year.

Jonsi’s voice is such a unique instrument in and of itself and the arrangements work perfectly with his falsetto sing/song style…wow, I’m on my 5th time through since I got it and I don’t see myself stopping the listening party until I take my seat in Denver for his concert. I’d give this 9 out of 10 and would only hold back that last point based on the fact that it isn’t as long as it could be. I could use an epic, evolving and expansive track that goes beyond the 8 minute mark…but, I will take what I can get – gladly…

You can actually stream the album if you want to listen to it and see what you think.  Just go HERE and click, “stream album”…or use LaLa.com which i love, by the way, to use to listen to music before i buy…if you want to purchase it you should honestly support your local record store (not a big chain, but a mom/pop place) – if you don’t have one or are just too damn lazy – i use 7Digital.com when i can’t find something at the local record store that i want…it has the highest quality mp3’s for cheap…


Monday, April 05, 2010

My Philippines Home

For those of you that are interested in reading what i do each year in the Philippines, you can go back and read THIS post or THIS post that tell of my experiences here.  I’ve come every year, at least once a year since I started at Pro Look full time 10 years ago.  It is one of the highlights of my job, only tinged by sadness at being away from my family and that i haven’t been able to bring my sexy love with me yet.  Hopefully next year!

So, I've been here a week and have some pics i’d like to share of what i’ve done and seen so far…


Let me begin by saying that the most I've laughed in a long time was when i almost killed Alson and Myla’s little boy.  Here is a picture of him where he is happy and smiling and unaware that i will almost be the last person he sees alive…

philPhoto (2)

So, we are out for lunch.  In the states i have to be honest, i’m pretty tired of Pizza Hut…their quality has REALLY slipped a ton (i used to deliver for them, so i know a good pizza hut pizza and i haven’t had one in years)…BUT, here in the Philippines and in South Korea the pizza is different.  It is honestly amazing…i love pizza, as anyone can tell you, and having my good ol’ pizza hut back is something i take advantage when i come here.  Ok, so i’m sitting in the booth across from this mini-alson and it has taken him a while to warm up to me…Dusty scares him, so when i first meet him he isn’t sure he wants anything to do with me…i have the type of personality that just can’t stand if someone doesn’t like me unless i give them good reason that is – so, i make it my mission to get him to like me…i do this in the usual way – by acting like i’m 4…every time he looks at me i make some crazy sound or do something silly…pretty soon i have him eating out of my hand…literally…

We are waiting for our pizza to arrive and he is playing with this little miniature game of connect 4 with these tiny tiny little checker pieces…i decide to show him how to make them “spin” by flicking them with my finger…he loves this, so i take it a step further by blowing them around the table…he tries to spin and blow them, but can’t quite get the hang of it.  So, just as our food is arriving i start spinning multiple ones and blowing them at him…he is laughing so hard so i try and go faster…i have about 3 on the table spinning and i reach for a 4th, spin, blow and reach for a 5th…i hear him choking and have no idea why – he is holding his throat and starts coughing and then crying.  Alson leans over him, pats his back until he calms down and asks him if he is ok and what happened.  He said that he leaned over the table to blow them back at me and i blew one right into his mouth and he swallowed it!  I was so busy grabbing another one i didn’t see it happen at all…Dude, i was laughing so hard tears were coming to my eyes.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Alson was laughing as well, which is good since i almost killed his child!

Here is a picture of one of the checkers (not the actual one, i’m sure that “surfaced” a couple of days later)…

philPhoto (1)

UPDATE: I showed Myla this post and thought she would laugh – well, she was pretty upset and I felt bad laughing while I was showing it to her.  I guess she was pretty worried that he would have problems with it in his stomach.  Here I am, father of the year, not even thinking of that!  I’ll have to find out what happened – if anything.  It was a really tiny checker, but she was pretty upset!



We went to lunch today to the Cookbook Kitchen.  It is ok food, but it was very fun having everyone there:

Philippines (4)

Clockwise: Me, Alson, Myla, Sheryl, Ron, El

I was laughing pretty hard at the menu because El ordered at fish dish that was described as, “Parmesan Crusted Fish: RICH, SUCCULENT AND BAKED”  We both started laughing over the choice of words.  I love how they threw “baked” in there, as it didn’t have the same sensory appeal as “rich” and “succulent”…we kept saying it over and over during lunch…classic…

On the way back you drive down a famous road called, “MacArthur Highway”.  The stretch the factory is on is several miles that has the huge trees that line it.  They are really quite amazing:

PH (4)

These trees go for miles and miles…So, this year when i arrive i notice every single tree has a white body painted on it:

PH (5)

 PH (1)

It is a little hard to see from these pics, but both sides of every single tree has a white body spray painted on it.  I asked them what was the deal and they said that the government is going to widen the road and will need to cut down all of the trees.  A protest group decided to spray each one of them with bodies to show that trees have life i guess.  But, to me, it is a little creepy – i’ve taken to calling it the “ghost highway” because the bodies look like little ghosts…i am pretty bummed about them cutting the trees down, even though they really do need to widen it…It is just way too beautiful and tragic to alter…



When i first got here this time i decided to get a Drives License.  Dusty said this would be a good idea if i drive at all, which i have in the past, so i got one last week.  Part of the process is going to the mall and getting a 2 x 2 picture of yourself.  I thought this would be used on the license, but it wasn’t – only on the application – which sucks cause it turned out better than the picture on the actual license:

Phil 2 (1)



The license looks like someone punched me in the face!  So, i go get this picture taken and the lady hands me a little bag – when i open it i realize that i didn’t get just one 2 x 2 picture, but i got like 12 pictures, big and small…

So, i’d been working crazy late hours every night and Sunday night (Easter) was the longest of them all because everyone was coming back in the morning and i wanted to make sure i’d set everything back up the way it should be…i was exhausted from lack of sleep and a little delirious…it was around 4 in the morning and as i finished up i looked over and saw the bag of pictures…i decided to place them around the office in different places so they would always see me watching them and wouldn’t forget how handsome i was until i returned the next time…here are a few of the “hiding places”:



Phil 2 (4) EL’S MONITOR





So, i get a quick couple of hours of sleep and as i’m waking up i get a text message from El…he is already downstairs with the other workers and he asks, “Easter Jared Picture Hunting, Huh?”  It took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about and then it dawned on me that i hid pics on easter, like eggs for kids…classic…

I was excited to come down stairs to their laughs (remember, i like making people laugh – just ask Mini-Alson right before he choked)…When i get into Alson and Myla’s office, here is what I see:

Philippines (3)

Alson said every morning he was going to honor his new Idol before working so he would be more prosperous!  I laughed pretty dang hard at that one…He is so freaking funny it kills me…