Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My Jonsi Review of “Go”



This album makes me happy. Completely and utterly. I was worried that the album as a whole wouldn’t live up to “Boy Lilikoi”, the first single, and at the same time I didn’t want it to be 9 “Boy Lilikoi” songs in a row…if Sigur Ros has taught me anything, it is that music can be expansive, epic and evolving – all on the same album and usually within the same song. Sigur Ros is one of the most amazing bands in the world and usually, when you pull an individual out of an incredible band like that and they produce music on their own - it usually isn’t that great (Robert Plant, Rodger Waters, David Lee Roth, etc.), while at other times it can go well (John Lennon, Morrissey), but even then it never really touches the complete feeling you get from the group as a whole. That was my concern with Jonsi and, while it isn’t as epic and all consuming as a Sigur Ros release, it far surpasses 95% of the music released every Tuesday of every month of every year.

Jonsi’s voice is such a unique instrument in and of itself and the arrangements work perfectly with his falsetto sing/song style…wow, I’m on my 5th time through since I got it and I don’t see myself stopping the listening party until I take my seat in Denver for his concert. I’d give this 9 out of 10 and would only hold back that last point based on the fact that it isn’t as long as it could be. I could use an epic, evolving and expansive track that goes beyond the 8 minute mark…but, I will take what I can get – gladly…

You can actually stream the album if you want to listen to it and see what you think.  Just go HERE and click, “stream album”…or use LaLa.com which i love, by the way, to use to listen to music before i buy…if you want to purchase it you should honestly support your local record store (not a big chain, but a mom/pop place) – if you don’t have one or are just too damn lazy – i use 7Digital.com when i can’t find something at the local record store that i want…it has the highest quality mp3’s for cheap…


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