Friday, October 08, 2010

a girl and her dog

So, my sexy love has been keeping a blog for over a year – it isn’t a public one, because she is mostly keeping it as a journal/diary so she can turn it into a yearbook at the end of each year.  Well, it really is sad nobody can see it cause IT ROCKS!  She had almost 400 entries last year, which is more than 1 per day – and they were all amazing, with tons of pictures and very very funny insight…that’s my girl – one sexy funny lady!

Last night she was posting about the Racing the Cane event Troy and Daph started, and she had the best pictures of us driving home after it.  I not only love these pictures, but the sequence they are in tells a subtle little story – two of my favorite things in the world: Tristan and Sebastian…enjoy…

tRex and Sebastian

Sebastian and tRex

Sebastian and tRex kiss

Sebastian and tRex happy